Just 30 Days

This is a letter that was written by a minister of the word of God. Pastor Segun Ariyo. I recommend that this is message for the season, and I wish you can read this. You will be blessed. OPEN LETTER TO THE BRETHREN GLOBALLY JUST FOR THIRTY DAYS Dearly Beloved, Grace and peace from God … Continue reading Just 30 Days


Asceticism: the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state. Other words (Synonyms): Austerity, mortification, excessive abstinence, over-renunciation, renunciation. Is this Right or Wrong for a Christian? I would love to explain something, but it would be nice if you can read this Post of … Continue reading Asceticism

Don’t Do It. Please, Don’t Do It!!!

I won't digress from what my blog is meant for, which is Christian Blog. But I really want to talk about something that affects everyone of us —Unmarried Youths— as we move into relationships. I am sorry this blog post doesn't concern the married ones, but reading through won't be bad too. If I may … Continue reading Don’t Do It. Please, Don’t Do It!!!